Why Genetic Genealogy?

Although the surname Blanton is a small populace family................prior to the year 2000 the Blanton Family was a massive and entwined bramble of Blanton branches.  "Genetic Genealogy" was on the rise........  By the year 2000 our DNA Project had six brave soles ready to PIONEER into a brand new field of genealogy.  They boldly went where few had gone before!  Swabbing and Scraping "cheek cells "from the interior of their mouths, they sent their specimen to the DNA "genetic genies" or rather, DNA technicians at the chosen DNA Lab and waited for their DNA seems now that it took forever to get those DNA results back on the initial six Participants.........when the results arrived...........we were all amazed that here were six gentlemen from all over America, ranging in ages from 30 years old to 90 years old, and they were not acquainted with one another............yet, they all had perfectly matched Y-Chromosomes, thus establishing indisputable sanguine or "bloodline" relationships.........those test results were from Phase One~2001.

Test results have changed Donors relationships since 2000 and as of this date, We have passed through five (5) Phases and have since accepted Independent Donor Participants, thus the DNA Project continues as technology progresses.   We have established two distinct "family trees"; "The Womack~Blanton Tree" and the newly merged "Blantine, Blanding, Blanton Tree" ...........we welcome any Blanton male who would like to test and join in the Blanton Family DNA Project. Please see our Donation page at this site.


Updated February 19, 2011