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Bob Stafford
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Participants can download their Ancestry results for their own use and for transfers to FTDNA until 9/30/14. To get to the site go to and log in with your DNA login. If it takes you to the autosomal DNA (AncestryDNA) advertising page, your password may have been corrupted. Call them  at 800-828-2362 to get the correct password.

Logging in should take you to various pages, depending on what you have ordered.

Order Page. Click on "Paternal Lineage Page" lower right. This will take you to the Results Page.

Results Page. This is probably the page FTDNA wants, since they can deduce which results were manually entered.

My Tests Page. "View Results" takes you to the above page. "View Printable Report" does not seem to work, but is supposed to create a PDF. At the bottom, you can download a .csv file, but I doubt if FTDNA would accept it, since it can be altered.

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