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Submitted by Bob Stafford:

For those of you trying to connect to the original Blanton immigrant, Thomas,

here are a few suggested strategies:

(1) Avoid the various Thomas and Jane Maguffey Blanton genealogies posted on

several websites. They purport to show the 18th Century descendants of Thomas

Blanton (first noted in 1682 in Essex County, VA), but are largely bogus,

especially in the third and fourth generations. They are based on the work of

Noah Bradley, who simply matched people by name with no other documentation.

Many Web "genealogists" (a.k.a. surfing genealogists) pass their time by

copying undocumented genealogies from one site to another, apparently hoping

that quantity, rather than quality, will validate them. However, like rotten

fish, the smell never goes away.

(2) Be especially wary of the LDS site as there is a totally concocted

genealogy which purports to connect Jeremiah Blanton to a John Blanton of

Plymouth, MA through Essex, MD. There is no record to support any of its

assertions. It was used in a Temple ceremony and the creator is not


(3) Use the Blanton Family Historians Site. It links to early Blanton records

for which there is direct evidence of offspring and links to valid

genealogies for later generations of various branches

(4) Consider having a DNA test performed on someone from your line. This may

save a lot of research time. It is possible to classify your line into four

groups, thereby eliminating a lot of wasated research time and effort. The

test must be run on a male with the Blanton surname. He must descend through

the male line from a Blanton. Follow the DNA link on the above site for


(5) The four groups of Blantons are:

(a) Tidewater Blantons-These connect to Thomas and Jane Maguffey Blanton. The

18th Century lines have been proven to varying degrees of certainty by

inference from the direct and circumstantial evidence available.

(b) The Southwest Virginia Blantons-These connect to William of Lee, VA or

John of Knox/Harlan, KY. Many migrated to Missouri. It is possible that we

may be able to connect them to the Tidewater Blantons, but there is little

evidence so far. The bogus genealogies connect them without any evidence for

their claims.

(c)The Womack-Blantons. These connect to Archee Blanton, who was the child of

Abraham Womack and Ann Blanton of Amelia County, VA. Archee's children were

Jeremiah, Obadiah, Claiborn and William of Rutherford County, NC. Jeremiah

and his wife were well known in Rutherford for their work in the Methodist

Church. Several of Archee's descendants were dedicated frontier preachers.

(d) Unrelated. In this case, it is necessary to isolate the generation of the

false paternity with tests on other branches. If it occurred in modern times,

there may or may not be records available to explain it. In earlier times the

search requires the use of different records than normally used.

Bob Stafford

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> If I may I would like to post this in various other

> sites and use it in some of my documentations I am compiling?



Please feel free to use anything I post or send to you with or without

attribution. We send so much back and forth that it is easy to forget who

sent what sometimes.



Thank You Bob.


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